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Home or commercial bathrooms used by persons with disabilities must meet a wide range of compliance standards in order to be ADA compliant.

We offer remodeling services that start out with requirements gathering, then construction design planning, and finally, a contractor will remodel your bathroom to allow it to have handicap accessibility. We can make it so a wheelchair can access your barrier-free shower without having to maneuver around glass doors or a curb at the entryway. We can install grab bars so you can transfer to a seat or to the toilet easily regardless of your disability. We'll ensure your bathroom remodeling project is ADA compliant or as close as feasible within the structural confines of your home.

We can add modifications to restrooms to meet the ADA's guidelines, making your bathroom easier to accommodate Americans who are handicapped. Our contractors can renovate your bath and kitchen with improvements such as new fixtures, like toilets, and other things that complete the remodeling process for every room that needs it. For example, we may find your building includes specific deficiencies, like narrow walls that must be widened, or steps or stairs that require ramps. We incorporate retrofitting into our remodels, such as widening doors and entryways, and our company provides expert ADA bathroom remodeling solutions.

Contact us today to learn more about our ideas of how we can build a bathroom that accommodates your physical needs in the existing space of your restroom. Call us to see what we can provide with cost estimates, renovation options, and features. We provide the best worth for your dollar for our renovating service, which we provide exclusively in Massachusetts, Southern New Hampshire, and Southern Maine. We are certain you'll be safe and in a feeling of luxury after your facility is renovated, and the best part about it is that there are programs that can help you pay for it.

Making your home handicap accessible is our number one priority. Our remodeling design principles are based on improving the accessibility based on the building requirements of disabled persons. Our builders can make facilities wheelchair accessible with ADA compliant ramps that reach parking areas. The state of the aging population brings special regulations to ensure they can access buildings, and businesses must meet these standards due to Federal law. Americans with disabilities must be able to access these public spaces, which requires that they are constructed to meet the needs of the handicapped.

Construction designs must meet building code in order to have permits granted. The company constructing the structure must pass inspection rules, and our 42 years of experience in the industry is the reason why you can trust that we aren't a new contractor that is still learning city codes and handicapped construction techniques. We've made improvements to homes and commercial properties at hundreds of construction sites that we've designed and built. Compliance with disability guidelines is easy when you've been providing the services in business since 1978. Every home that we make handicap accessible through handicap accessible construction techniques meets the development needs of the families assisting and the handicapped individuals that physically need the adapted facility.

Accessible Solutions provides a specific alteration, or improvement of building standards, through universal design. Every place we provide handicapped construction services is custom designed and free of defects by the time we leave the site. We make locations that every individual, including the elderly and disabled, can access without barriers to entry. We also provide renovation services, such as widening doorways, installing ramps, and handicapped-accessible bathroom construction. We can make any home comply with handicap rights at a cost that the owners can afford, even if you are renting. Repairs to an existing space, such as the installation of barrier-free showers can provide full mobility in an existing dwelling.

If you have a disability, you may have a need to hire experts who are handicapped accessibility construction contractors for your residence. Accessible Solutions designs ADA compliant bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms, and hallways that will make your life so much easier. If you use a wheelchair, we can widen your hallways and remodel your bathroom with a barrier-free shower, making living in your place safe and easy. The renovations we've provided to past customers is our experience serving all with disabilities, making needed changes to their house, including installing stairlifts, aging-in-place showers, and other universal design modifications to homes.

Do you have a hard time reaching things in your kitchen? Our renovation ideas take into account compliance with ADA standards, as well as considering better independence for everyone in the families that are currently assisting with the needs of people with disabilities. If your countertops are not at the right height, or if you can't reach the cabinets above your counter, our builders can improve or transform the space with a project that meets your specific needs. We can provide adaptive residential improvements by designing around existing barriers while adding a variety of improvements.

We can start soon after you call us and agree on the cost of remodeling your home. We're a general contractor that provides the services to specialize in your home so that it is handicap accessible. Whether it's just your bathroom or remodeling your entire home to be wheelchair accessible with portable ramps, we're the only expert that specializes in modifying entire homes. We're not a handyman, we are the complete home remodelers that you have been looking for.

Handicapped Showers in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and MaineShopping for a handicap accessible shower for your bathroom can be a daunting task, but we take all of the unpleasantness out of the process. We design ADA compliant bathrooms with barrier-free showers that allow wheelchair users, the disabled, and seniors to access safely. Our low or no-threshold shower units allow a mobility user to roll into the bath, just as safe and easy as someone who can walk in. Grab bars and other safety products such as shower seats allow people in wheelchairs to experience the best bathing solutions. Our bathrooms are built with quality accessories that are customized to your accessibility needs.

When we remodel a bathroom, we install commercial-grade products that are made in the USA. We find that our customers are looking for more than regular toilet stalls and tubs with a curb that are difficult for individuals with disabilities, including adults and the elderly, to get their legs overdue to the difficulties of aging. Our handicap accessible showers are manufactured to the specifications of our customers, with all of the features they need to be included in the price. Independence from your disability has a cost, but we provide a wide range of options for financing, including a 0% APR loan with no payments unless you sell your home if you live in Massachusetts.

Accessible Solutions provides the handicapped with the greatest selection of ADA showers and walk-in bathtubs, and a hassle-free process to buy beautiful bathroom designs that look great with textured tiles and matching sinks. Don't hesitate to call us, and be sure to look at our photos of the results of handicapped accessible showers that we have previously installed. Make the decision now to get rid of that old bathtub and create an area that meets your needs every day. It's time to have our contractors remove the traditional facilities that you've been used to - it's time to have the experts bring stylish bath components that anyone will love, not just because they're beautiful, but also because they're handicap accessible. Contact us today to have your new bathroom designed - you're going to enjoy every freedom you get with the highest quality bathware.

Handicap Bathroom Design in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Maine

Bathrooms that are accessible by handicapped Americans have come a long way as a result of safety compliant construction experts. Accessible Solutions provides remodeling options to people with disabilities, including wheelchair accessible barrier-free showers with grab bars, safe toilets, and other functional requirements. Our company provides access to ADA disability products, including home mobility accessories including portable ramps. We can make your shower and toilet needs come true.

Aging seniors need fixtures that accommodate accessibility requirements, including walk-in tubs with seats that are designed with the right hardware to allow for relaxation. Installation of showers that allow wheelchairs enough space to turn around in homes and commercial restrooms with stalls that meet specific compliance standards are requirements. We can often create bathrooms that are large enough within the existing space that is available.

We provide designing services taking you from design to build, and we offer financial resources that pay for installing beautiful bath designs in your home. Take a look at the photos of our past work today, and consider using our services to remodel your bathroom to meet the ADA act. Before you shop elsewhere, give us a call to learn about the benefits of proper building standards. Your restroom must meet a variety of required dimensions to overcome the challenges of bathing with a disability. We can make the needed modifications to your bathroom with a high level of quality factors that are important to becoming a universal bathroom that is handicap accessible.

ADA Bathroom Remodeling by Accessible SolutionsHandicap compliant bathrooms are designed with wheelchair accessibility in mind. They often have showers that can be used by anyone with a disability. We can also remodel your kitchen and other rooms and hallways in your home. Our construction design offers complete modifications that are perfect for individuals who are handicapped. Our renovation services meet the requirements and standards of the industry. We follow the strictest compliance guidelines while meeting all of your bath and shower needs. You need a contractor that remodels your building and fixtures to accommodate your disability.

Considering our recommendations and experience with the aging population, you'll see why our contractors are pros at serving the disabled community. The trust that our customers place with us creates a sense of function serving senior living with quality services. Specializing in designing kitchens and baths that are loved by the customer makes our professionals the most experienced in the industry. Our bathing products are the best available for the level of convenience and safety and quality that you come to expect.

Call us today to discuss the costs of our restroom renovations, and we'll provide you with the pros and cons of each of the additions we can make to each room in your house. Our services qualify for special financing terms in Massachusetts. we are fully insured, and we have remodeled over one-hundred homes in Massachusetts, Southern New Hampshire, and Southern Maine. Get more information from our website, and learn about our universal designs for remodeling bathrooms to be ADA compliant and handicap accessible. View our photo gallery to see plans our business has executed. Let us estimate the installation of your project by adding ideas to your existing home, and we'll remodel your bathroom to be ADA compliant and handicap accessible!

Accessible Solutions Offers ADA Barrier Free ShowersYour shower should be compliant with all of the regulations that require it to be handicap accessible. If it is, you can roll your wheelchair right into the bathroom because it's designed with accessibility in mind. We offer Bestbath units that are built with durability standards in every section of what looks like "real tile" without the grout and maintenance ceramic tile requires. A threshold at the base provides a barrier that allows the water to drain into a sloped alcove, away from the entrance and bathroom floors. Standard installation is available for any type of facility that requires mobility users with disabilities to access them. Optional equipment includes grab bars that allow comfortable transfer to a seat, which makes it easy to bathe with our commercial quality bath products, available at prices that any American can afford.

We provide the safety requirements you're looking for in all of our ADA barrier-free showers, with a full line of models that look and feel like a luxury, which definitely won't remind you of the hospital. The challenges that Americans with disabilities face include living without baths featuring safe stalls with pans that allow you to walk or wheel yourself into the pan without the need to go over the curb of a tub. We can install a new ADA barrier-free shower model with a low or no threshold upon entry to the shower's surface. We find that a home with the best installed ADA compliant shower is a must-have for every disabled American.

Residential showers that are ADA accessible and barrier-free meet the needs of compliance experts and of people with a disability. Handicapped construction designs also add value to bathrooms, referred to as aging in place infrastructure for independent homeowners. Call us today to buy an ADA barrier-free shower stall and have it installed in Massachusetts, Southern New Hampshire, or Southern Maine. Or we can ship the unit to your home anywhere in the continental United States for you or your local plumbing professional to install Our showers are made in the USA, and we know you'll enjoy a wide range of accessories that will enhance the features of your barrier-free shower.

For over thirty years, Accessible Solutions has recommended and provided automatic door openers and related controls to help those handicapped and others who need assistance through doors with side hinges. Handicap door openers are low energy, they are automatic, and they are ADA compliant. ADA swing door openers are activated by a handicap button, which only uses electricity when the button is pressed.

If a door is on an accessible route and cannot meet the criteria listed in the ADA standards, then adding an automatic operator may be able to bring the door into compliance, since automatic openers may allay some limitations common for manual doors. It should be noted, however, that the ADA standards do not require a door to automatically open to meet its standards. The automatic operator adds a feature of convenience, which allows wheelchair users, scooter users, and other mobility product users to enter the doorway with ease, without having to worry about closing the door behind them.

Low energy automatic pedestrian door operators for ADA applications provide you with ease of access to your building, as well as longtime service, low maintenance, and peace of mind when inconvenience to your users is not an option. Our swing door operators can help you outfit a home, store, or facility with an ADA-compliant entrance by converting manual doors to automatic for ease of access without the hassle or costs associated with rebuilding an entire doorway.

Our accessibility experts are well-trained and qualified to provide various automatic door services, including installation, repair, or replacement of door openers. There are voluntary standards for accessible design and low energy door openers that are governed by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) that are followed when installing automatic operators.

Automatic doors can also open and close based on line-of-sight sensors and pressure control mats, like those you would commonly find entering a grocery store. These automatic door openers are not subject to the same restrictions on speed and force, and safety sensors or control mats and guide rails are required to prevent the doors from opening if someone is in the path of the door swing.

Our installations and services comply with the American for Disabilities Act (ADA) and all of our work meets the American Association of Automatic Door Manufacturers (AAADM's) standards for quality and safety.

Accessible Solutions arranges for any needed maintenance or service on the door down the road, so you're guaranteed to be happy with your purchase. We offer a variety of financing options, including a 0% APR loan in the State of Massachusetts that doesn't require repayment unless your home sells. There are also dozens of other financing options available. For more information about automatic door openers, please contact us today!

Do you use a wheelchair, and have a hard time accessing your home? An aluminum modular access ramp allows wheelchairs, scooters, and other mobility equipment to travel over small sets of stairs and steps, easily. The challenges that disabled people face without ramps today include various accessibility implications that are best solved with ADA accessible homes and businesses. You can shop for a selection of products that are available and on sale that provide a solution, with prices you can afford. There are no free ramps, however in Massachusetts, you can get a 0% APR loan with no payments required, that doesn't need to be repaid unless your home sells. We can help you find a ramp design that we can manufacture and install at your building.

Wheelchair ramps allow individuals with disabilities many options customized to the specifications of their requirements. Every business and residential property that is accessed by a wheelchair should have permanent ramps that meet the Americans with Disabilities Act guidelines, including height, slope, and pitch requirements. The day that commercial buildings have all installed wheelchair compliant ramps will make a big difference in the lives of disabled persons. Ramps aren't making walkers discount getting into public places - they're helping the handicapped explore areas they are entitled to travel to.

Portable Ramps For Accessing Automobiles

These wheelchair ramps allow a scooter to glide into the back of a vehicle. It provides handicapped users with a safe way to use vehicles. Suitcase ramps fold-up and can fit inside the back of a van. Your medical condition shouldn't take away your power to function as other people do. We have solutions designed to safely move you to where you want to go, so you can go to the beach, or Philadelphia with your family and have a great time. You can even explore Richmond, Virginia if you wanted to because of the features of these ramps. Being elderly or disabled may limit you from walking, but with an affordable, portable folding ramp, you can access a wide variety of areas around the country with your wheelchair, so contact us now to learn about our special offers for online customers only.

ADA Bathrooms for Americans with DisabilitiesOur ADA accessible bathroom experts know the guidelines for remodeling facilities, in order to make them compliant so handicapped people can use them with their wheelchair. Our showers use more technology than just grab bars. They meet the ADA act's accessibility standards, as well as the requirements of their users. Our bathing room designs must comply with the regulations of the industry, so we have developed solutions that provide the aging population and individuals with a handicap with products that are designed to accommodate independence from hospital settings, nursing homes, and assisted living.

You can be independent with your disability by using an accessible Bestbath barrier-free shower in your bathroom. In commercial settings, we can bring your restroom into compliance with toilets or stalls for men and women, using an ADA bathroom construction design that is good for public use. Without the right specifications built into your restrooms, you could end up with a toilet without adequate space for anyone with a disability. A common building challenge is making the renovation comfortable for every person who will use it, including guests.

With a remodel, we will reconfigure the plumbing so the water and drains are available in all the right places. We may find specific deficiencies in your home bathroom that is common to many bathrooms not compliant with ADA standards. We will be adding these requirements to your ADA bathroom project to ensure the minimum clearances as defined by ADA standards are met. Your accessible bathroom design should use ideas that come from ADA contractors that have experience designing ADA bathrooms. We learn this information first-hand, so we're sure our standard of work is inclusive of ADA compliant restrooms.

ADA American Disability Standards for Restrooms

There should be a 30-inch by 4-feet access to the sink. Handicap stalls with a toilet should have 16 to 18 inches between the center of the unit and the edge of the wall, and a clear circle of at least 60 inches around the sidewall and 56 inches from the rear wall to allow a wheelchair to turn. Toilets should have seats that are 17-19 inches tall.

People with disabilities need rooms with the range needed for turning around in a wheelchair. Each bath product we put in a hotel or an office bathroom will meet the dimensions that the ADA contractor needs for the requirements of the project. Look at the photos in our photo gallery to learn more about our offer to make your bathroom accessible. We can remodel your bathrooms to be ADA compliant following your guidelines and inspiration. Contact us today to get more information about your options.

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